Sunday, June 28, 2009

I feel happy when...

strangers on uplift me with their secrets

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I don't know what I am doing with my life. I need some inspiration.

this made me feel nice

join in!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

there are things you do because they feel right and they make no sense and they make no money and it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other and to eat each other's cooking and to say it was good.

Things I know right now for sure in my life.

I may not know much. I'm confused all the time. Thats why I have that stupid look on my face most of the time, you know the look. oh well, i'm over it. I hate using capitals. so i'm not anymore. this is what i know.
i know that my feet are cold
i know that i need to wash my hair tomorrow
i know that jack johnson is making me feel oh so good
i know that this green tea is the best that i have ever tasted
i know that i need some more color in my life...perhaps an orange stripe down my living room wall?
i know that i need to get my butt in gear on my homework
i know that i'm feeling alone in this world
i know that i need a change

Sunday, May 10, 2009

wanna know what I like right now?!

getting to go to sleep in ten minutes
alec baldwin
the new song about mothers from justin and andy sandburg :)
the fact that kangaroos have three vaginas (says the tv)
roommate is coming home tomorrow
the golden girls-whats new
star trek-the movie, I have never seen an episode or movie of anything having to do with star trek before saturday and now I understand why there are "trekkies". oh my.
I think I will be a closet trekkie from now on. shhhhh.

j'aime paris :)

I recently got back from a little trip to paris. I studied french in high school and after coming back from france, I think I want to study it a lot more! It is a beautiful language and such a unique culture. there are so many misconceptions we have in america about france, and french people. I want to spread the word about france and how wonderful it is! GO THERE! DO IT! it is such a wonderful place with so many interesting things to find around every corner. people are oh so accepting and nonjudgemental! almost anything goes there it seems.

TOP TEN REASONS (in no particular order) why caitlin thinks everyone should go to france at least once in their lifetime...

10. L'opera Garnier! that's where the phantom lives...gerard butler. hehe. didn't get to see him though.

9. VERSAILLES. Marie Antionette lived here! and all the french people of her day were starving and marie supposedly said "let them eat cake" and then they cut off her head. I weirdly idolize her. this place was SO SO SO big!

8. seriously old churches with beautiful architecture and stain-glass windows filled with dead people (in crypts) OOOOOOH SPOOKY. St. Denis is so much cooler than Notre Dame. and less busy. remember that.

7. THE METRO! or "metero" says my little sis (pictured below) who also was with me. it's the underground transportation system and it was so fun to figure out how to get around in it! I felt like a grown-up. and for anyone who has ever seen the film AMELIE, being underground is exactly like scenes from that movie!! there were so many people playing instruments for money. just don't make eye contact with anyone.

6. THE LANGUAGE! its beautiful and romantic and it was exciting to try to speak it. TRY is the key word. I accidently ordered steak tartar one night at a cafe though. BLECK! there was writing on apartments near Sacre Coeur that I thought was tres beau!

5. La Tour Effeil. its big. its medal. its touristy. and amazing! I actually climbed my big bum to the SECOND LEVEL! I'm quite proud.

4. Seriously famous paintings by van gogh, monet and the works! I'm not all about just seeking out the really popular, famous paintings when at a museum, I do believe that art is everywhere, not just in museums, but when at the Louvre or Musee D'Orsay, COME ON, can you blame me!

3. The view from our hotel room. many many times I wanted to burst out into beauty and the beast songs like belle.

2. walking through the park on a sunday afternoon and seeing this...(men in the park playing chess!!)

1. the great chance to have the time of your life with your little sister!

everyday I was there it was magical! it opened my eyes to the world around me! go go go!